We’re off to button moon …

A few months ago one of my favourite markets closed down.  Greenwich is renowned for it’s craft market – however I was fonder of the second hand stalls that occupied the less ‘pretty’ part of the market.  Then the area was closed down – probably to make way for flats or office blocks knowing this current climate.  My husband and I went to the market on the last day – we hadn’t been there for ages.  I was at the beginning of my obsession with crafting and sewing.  One of the stalls was almost giving their stuff away – and I asked how much their buttons would be.  Instead of me going through them to find my faves, he offered me the whole lot for £10.  I jumped at the chance and have ended up with boxes full of buttons (as well as various other trinkets that were hidden in with them):

(if you so desire to see more – there are more photos here )

However – once you own that many buttons you realise you need to make something with them.  I’ve used them to decorate my bags and various bits and bobs.  I then thought about jewelry after seeing a colleague’s necklace.  So I started looking up button jewellery.  I’m still to make something of any worth – but I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite upcycled button beauties 🙂

First up is Lorimarsha – honestly – I think this talented woman will appear in many of my blog posts.  I love the boldness and brightness of her colourful designs.  She truly is an amazing crafter –  click on the photos to take you to her etsy store.

Lorimarsha - original bakelite jewelry

Lorimarsha - original bakelite jewelry

How cute are these bracelets? Wonderfully bright colours and I love the addition of the beads at the end.

Lorimarsha original bakelite designs

Lorimarsha original bakelite designs

I’m in love with these rings too – so bold and exciting.  If only I didn’t have such horrible stubby fingers (I’m not a huge fan of my hands) I’d be buying these straight away!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH … I have totally fallen in love with the beautiful vintage buttons used by Buttonz – honestly – the Blondie is the most beautiful button bracelet I’ve ever seen:



I want want want want! 🙂

Upcycling at its best I think – to make buttons look this classy is so awesome.  Most of the time when you use buttons they can look quirky and kitschy – and there is NOTHING wrong with that – however I believe that Buttonz produces jewellery that is classy and classic – in keeping with their vintage feel.

As we get classier – let’s look at Grandmother’s Buttons:

Stunning vintage buttons set into stunning pieces of jewellery:

Grandmother's Buttons

Grandmother's Buttons

Grandmother's Buttons

Grandmother's Buttons

And now for those all important tutorials:

Shank Button Designs
Simple button bracelet tutorial
Crafty Suzanne’s tutorial

If you have any others you’d like to share there’s space here to add them 🙂


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  1. Wow! What an amazing collection. I have tons of buttons as well. I responded to your post in the blogger section of Indiepublic. I would love to be featured. I do upcycled bangles. Thanks and talk to you soon!


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