my thrifty living is going to get thriftier

hurumph … I lost my temporary job yesterday – apparently being off sick with flu is no excuse for not going in, despite the fact that there were signs all over the centre saying ‘don’t come in if you have a temperature etc.’  So I am now unemployed again.

What really sucks is that I liked that job.  I liked the other members of staff, I liked the clients.  I was good at the job.  Bollox to it.

So today I start again.  I fired off a few CVs yesterday to agencies and had 2 call backs within the hour – so I’ve just got to go and have interviews there.  I’ve also found a few jobs I’m going to apply for – including one at the House of Commons! Oh my … that would be funny.  There are quite a few posts in education for charities and museums still – so I’m sticking to that tack.  However, I’ve also asked someone if I can intern for them – they’re the Head of Development and Communications for a theatre and it would be great experience for me.  So … I’m not going to rest on my laurels, no siree bob.  Today though … could be nice to rest on laurels!

I just have to recount what happened last night – that ties in with yesterday’s post.  After losing my job I was relieved to see that I had a bottle of wine in the fridge – so out it came and down my neck it went.  Not the best thing to do when you’re full of flu meds.  So I got drunk quite quickly.  Our living room basically is very odd, we have the staircase and the front door in it – and as we were sitting there discussing democracy (true) the poor paper-boy tried to put the local free newspaper through our letter box.  Being sick of having so much paper around I shouted ‘take it back!’ – and he did!  I did think it was quite funny!  So now I have a response to junk mail – just shout at them.



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4 responses to “my thrifty living is going to get thriftier

  1. I’ve just discovered your fabulous blog – really interesting. Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. deb

    Love your blog…….wish you lived near and we could chat for hours about all the stuff* we could do will all the STUFF!
    I did want to tell you I absolutely giggled over your junk newspaper SHOUT! I feel the same with all the stupid junk mail I recieve that I did not ask for. Lately I have been taking their own “reply pieces” and their own postage paid reply envelopes and writing on the replies “PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANYMORE OF YOUR UNWANTED MAIL! PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST!” I am waiting to see if it makes any difference for sure. I have noticed not quite so many “Credit Application” letters appearing anywhere near my mailbox. Thought you might enjoy this hint! Take care and keep recycling all the stuff!

    • Hi Deb
      So sorry for taking AGES to respond to this! Honestly life has been insane lately.
      But thank you thank you thank you – I really do appreciate your comment! Things are a lot easier now we live in a flat! We can just leave all the junk downstairs! hee hee

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