I just wanted to say …

thank you to all of you who have so far taken the time to drop by and read my blog – it fairly warms the cockles of my heart.  Especially those who have commented too – that’s supremely wonderful.

You realise sometimes that things happen for a reason.  I think it’s the way I deal with disappointment, if I don’t get a job I want, if something goes wrong, if you believe that it’s for a reason then it’s easier to deal with.  For instance, losing my job because I had flu.  I believe that happened for a reason.  I contacted the theatre where I photograph events and asked if I could do an internship with them in their development and promotion department.  They said ‘yes’, I start on Monday, and already I’m being asked to help out with workshops and other bits and pieces.  Honestly – although I’m not being paid I don’t care.  We’ve coped before and we’ll cope again.  It’s going to be so exciting working somewhere I LOVE, with people I really get on with  YAY.  Bring on Monday!

Currently preparing the next ‘uber-upcycle’ blog 🙂



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6 responses to “I just wanted to say …

  1. that is great news, I am so with you with this, I am paid for my part time job but the money is really nothing but the best thing is that I am doing something what makes me feel good and what I like and then I have so much time to spend at home and do other things what one day may bring some income (or may not)

    any way I recently found your blog and I am reading all 🙂

    good luck for tomorrow

  2. Yay! That’s pretty exciting. As long as you’re somewhere you love… and you spread the word that you’re looking for a paid job… you’ll be in the right spot to connect with folks who may be able to hook you up!

    • exactly – I love being in Deptford – there’s such a creative buzz there and it will be wonderful to be around people I like. Although being near a cafe that has the BEST coffee milkshakes will be my downfall! ha ha.

  3. Yes, there is always a reason and sometimes completely hidden. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but always a lesson to be learned. It only took me 30-some years to figure this out! Congrats on this new path that had opened up!

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