sustainable living with a snob!

It’s increasingly difficult sometimes to have this ‘sustainable’ life when your other half can be such a snob.  On Saturday he bought our sister-in-law’s birthday present – now – obviously buying a ‘new’ gift went against ‘my’ principles – however he refused to purchase something used or handmade – then when he went to look for wrapping paper I said ‘We have newspaper at home – use that’ – he refused.

Does anyone else come up against problems when trying to live ‘second-hand’ with their partners?

I’m not going to force him into my way of thinking – afterall he should want to come to that place in his own way.  I once picked him up a shirt at a jumble sale for 20p – he’s never worn it however much he said that he ‘did’ like it! ha ha.  He has nothing against reading second-hand books, or buying second-hand dvds and cds, however when it comes to textiles (ie: clothes) for some reason he is completely turned off.  I will do it slowly – picking up awesome pieces that he loves then hopefully he will come around!

Deptford Junk Market

Deptford Junk Market

Today I start my internship – can’t wait.  I’m full of cold but who cares?  I’m also obviously looking forward to trawling the bargain charity shops while I’m there – naughty naughty! hee hee.  It’s also right next to the famous Deptford Junk Market which again will be my downfall.  This is a flea market with a difference, you literally are buying fleas! ha ha … of course I’m joking, however it’s a naughty place with naughty things that I end up buying because I think I can turn them into something.  Generally I can’t however it’s a fantastic place to rummage. I’ll try to be good!



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5 responses to “sustainable living with a snob!

  1. My husband was once an anti-vintage “snob” as well. I have slowly (over five years) converted him by showing him the treasures that lurk in antique corners…and he is now a full convert! 🙂

  2. Pi

    I enjoyed your post very much. What a lovely blog you have here.
    I am so glad to see that there are people like you, who care about environment and appreciates the beauty of handmade.
    Don’t give up the ‘converting family members project’.
    When you have a passion for something, they slowly come around and start to realize that there are other ways which differ from theirs.
    Have a nice day.

  3. I bought my boyfriend at the time a pair of great worn in jeans and he had a fit! He said he doesn’t wear used cloths. After my look of disappointment and hurt feelings he decided to give them a try and started to wear them at least once a week but never admitted he loved them. Needless to saw he is an EX boyfriend!

  4. kim

    I think some people feel that wearing second hand is like admitting poverty or something ridiculous.

    Why havent I heard of this junk market????

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