my best thrifty purchase

Prada Kitten Heels.  £9.95 from the British Red Cross charity shop in Lewisham.



I bought these firstly because they were SO comfortable – they fit like a glove.  I spoke to the assistant and said ‘did you realise these were Pradas?’ – apparently they did and that’s why they were in there for the princely sum of £9.95. Then I wasn’t sure if they were real, however they apparently are as my friend who used to work for Jimmy Choo’s has testified.

Definitely my best find so far 🙂



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3 responses to “my best thrifty purchase

  1. Ohhhh I think they were just waiting for you! I love them! Great find!

  2. *wipes drool from face* I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!

  3. What a find!?! I LOVE thrift shoes because they’re already broken in; So much more comfortable!
    Good Luck on finding more amazing finds!

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