Kitting out the flat Second-Hand Life stylee

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to take any photos of our new Second-Hand Life but I will soon.  It’s wonderful however, to be living with someone who embraces the lifestyle wholeheartedly.  It’s so much fun looking round charity shops knowing that he’s going to be blown away by any little bargain I find for the flat.  A couple of weeks ago I found a fantastic 1970s PE bag, red and white, for £3.49.  He’s a big White Stripes fan so we’ve named it Jack White’s PE kit bag.  Unfortunately it fits my laptop PERFECTLY and I’m hankering after nicking it back! ha ha. (I will add photos later – I’m at work at the moment and don’t have the photos with me!).

Once we get paid again I think we’re going to go a bit crazy going around reclamation yards and junk shops looking for billy bargains.  It’s so much fun.  I used to have a habit of looking through the Ikea catalogue and the laminated book of dreams (see Bill Bailey if you don’t know what this is) in order to deck the house out in matching furniture – but now it seems so shallow.  Much more fun to find freaky wonderfullness hidden away in some corner of a junk shop 🙂

One thing I didn’t mention is the fact that down The Blue in Bermondsey (about 2 mins walk from where I’m working now) we have two pretty fantastic charity shops.  Mind is totally awesome – in the past month I’ve bought about 4 dresses from there – none of them coming to over £6.50 – as well as a coffee maker and some other bits and pieces.  When I finally have broadband at home I’ll definitely start to post pictures because I’m so proud of my bargains 🙂


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