Sleep evades … so I look at picnic sets

so I stumble around the internet.

It started with Ben and I looking for a vintage picnic set.  When we were last in Camden we saw a beautiful white and red (of course, our colour pallet is very much influenced by my love of black and red, and Ben’s obsession with the White Stripes!) picnic set.  After trawling around ebay and Google, we didn’t manage to find anything similar.  So later today we will trek to Camden to see if we can find it again.  I was convinced it was on sale for £20, Ben thought it was for £45 – fingers crossed I was right and that it’s still there.

Next week we’re going on a road trip.  Off to Wales to meet Ben’s folks (and extended family by the sounds of things) then onto Ipswich to meet my family – and now some of my extended family as my cousin’s decided to get married – typically at the last minute so that will be great.  So – this is why we’re interested in a picnic set as we want to take one with us 🙂

Here are some pics then of gorgeous vintage picnic sets … YUMMY 🙂

This is pretty close to the set we saw


How perfect is this? Wouldn't you feel marvellous picnicking with this?

Gorgeousness abounds



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2 responses to “Sleep evades … so I look at picnic sets

  1. Arlene

    Lovely vintage picnic sets.

  2. I love picnics! I hope you have a great time with all of your visits.
    thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment on my table redo.

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