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upcycled loveliness – skirts – #1

Today was spent in, I’ve come down with a cold 😦  so no trawling around the shops/ car boot sales today.  However, I have spent much of the day trawling around the internet and have been adding links to the tutorial pages as well as marveling at peoples’ ingenuity when it comes to upcycling.

I love skirts, in fact, I wear skirts a lot more than any other item of clothing.  I’m still to make my first skirt, I have some awesome childrens’ curtains that I picked up from a charity shop (with owls and squirrels on them) that are just dying to be turned into a kitschy little number.  So for inspiration I’ve been checking out some of the best upcycled skirts that combine imagination, creativity, resourcefulness and a little hint of craziness (in some cases) – click on the photos to take you to the original item on the internet.

By far my favourite upcyclers are Junky Styling – I first heard about them on Current TV and have been hooked ever since.  Not only are they amazingly stylish items of clothing but they’re also a slightly little bit crazy.  I’m still to buy my first ever piece of Junky Styling clothing, however one day I definitely will:

Junky Styling - Simple Sleeve Skirt

Junky Styling - Simple Sleeve Skirt

Junky Styling Sleeve Wrap Mini-skirt

Junky Styling Sleeve Wrap Mini-skirt

Look at how easy this skirt is! I’m sure it is – BUT – one thing that’s really important to note about Junky Styling clothing is that it’s made to an exceptionally high standard. Their clothes are tailored so well and beautifully crafted. If I’d made this it would probably look like a sleeve wrapped around my arse!

Ok – so expect more Junky Styling clothes in the future!

Another upcycled designer whose skirts I’ve fallen in love with is Pieces of You – she does beautiful ruffle skirts that are just so cute.  Here are a couple:

Pieces of You Ruffle Skirt

Pieces of You Ruffle Skirt

Loving those ruffles – another one I’m going to have to save up for – upcycled clothing I’m allowed 🙂

And finally here are some choice ones from the Flickr group Trashionista:

Such CUTENESS ABOUNDS! – you can see more as I update my gallery on Flickr here.

All so inspiring … now to start on my own projects 🙂


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