Deptford Junk Market strikes again

It’s ridiculous that I don’t blog here more because I’ve turned into the biggest magpie possible recently.  I will definitely blog more – I promise!  Anyway – while I’m here I thought I’d let you know about the wonderful find I had on Deptford Junk Market [or as I heard a middle-class lady tell her long-haired 3 year old called Oscar – the ‘flea’ market] today.

Awesome Scrapbook Find

This, my dear friends, is a beautiful scrapbook created from a 1968 catalogue of Christmas cards. The colour instantly grabbed my attention. Imagine my joy when I opened its pages:

Awesome Scrapbook Find

Look at this beautiful woman. She appears throughout the album and I just wonder if the scrapbook belonged to her.

Awesome Scrapbook Find

Awesome Scrapbook Find
Lots of notes and letters – some in Spanish – beautiful handwriting.

Awesome Scrapbook Find
A couple of pages of stamps – some of which I’ll turn into Photoshop Brushes to give away here.

Awesome Scrapbook Find

Awesome Scrapbook Find
Some great matchbook covers and Christmas cards

Awesome Scrapbook Find
Sketches [not very good unfortunately]

Awesome Scrapbook Find

The dates on these range from 1968 to 1969 as far as I can see – so it’s 40 years old. Most of the items on the stall I bought this from come from house clearances so the sad thing is is that it feels as though perhaps this woman no longer is around. That this was just thrown into a pile along with other belongings.

I don’t know what to do with it now. Part of me wants to turn it into my own scrapbook because the book is so gorgeous. Perhaps remove all the items [most of which are held in by photo corners] and reuse the book. Or I could keep it how it is. Or create my own art around it. I just don’t know. At the moment I’m just enjoying flicking through it and marvelling at this woman’s collection and craving to do my own now!


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Sleep evades … so I look at picnic sets

so I stumble around the internet.

It started with Ben and I looking for a vintage picnic set.  When we were last in Camden we saw a beautiful white and red (of course, our colour pallet is very much influenced by my love of black and red, and Ben’s obsession with the White Stripes!) picnic set.  After trawling around ebay and Google, we didn’t manage to find anything similar.  So later today we will trek to Camden to see if we can find it again.  I was convinced it was on sale for £20, Ben thought it was for £45 – fingers crossed I was right and that it’s still there.

Next week we’re going on a road trip.  Off to Wales to meet Ben’s folks (and extended family by the sounds of things) then onto Ipswich to meet my family – and now some of my extended family as my cousin’s decided to get married – typically at the last minute so that will be great.  So – this is why we’re interested in a picnic set as we want to take one with us 🙂

Here are some pics then of gorgeous vintage picnic sets … YUMMY 🙂

This is pretty close to the set we saw


How perfect is this? Wouldn't you feel marvellous picnicking with this?

Gorgeousness abounds


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I HATE not being able to post photos at the moment of my Freecycle wonderfulness – however – it is safe to say that this weekend was CHOCKABLOCKFULL of Freecycled wonderfulness.

On Saturday we picked up two clothes rails – I despise wardrobes and have done for a long time.  Wardrobes have doors, doors can be shut and hide things – specifically mess.  Therefore if I have a clothes rail my clothes will not get messy and indeed be on show.  The downside is obvious of course – light from the windows can fade my clothing and dust can settle –  however I do much prefer them to bulky and unsightly wardrobes.  Unless one day I can find a beautiful art-deco wardrobe that will fulfill all my needs.

Yesterday we had two goodies to collect.  First we took a stroll down into Brockley to collect a random box of kitchen stuff.  A 4 slice toaster, 3 saucepans, some glasses of varying sizes and a random oval plate.  All of which (apart from the toaster of course) are sitting in our magic cupboard (read dishwasher) ready to be cleaned and used.  My asthma hit me after that and Ben collected our two clothes airers.  Since we moved in we’ve been drying our clothes on the radiators which has meant that we’ve not been doing much washing.  Now we have TWO airers ready to dry our clothes on which makes us very happy bunnies indeed.  I can’t wait to empty our big bag of washing that needs doing and hang it all around the flat.

Freecycle is always hit and miss.  Sometimes you’ll see something you really want (like a bag of vintage cameras) and miss out on it by milliseconds.  I kind of think that this is where the fun lies.  You send your email you see what happens.  I’m sure some people have insider knowledge of what’s coming up before any one else and gets all the fine goodies first 😦  But that’s just me because I WANTED THAT BAG OF VINTAGE CAMERAS! (even though my dad has a box of cameras and equipment to unload onto me next time I see them).

Later this week I will be the proud custodian of a darkroom too – I can’t wait.  I’m not sure when I’m going to have the time/ money to start developing my own photographs but I’m sure as hell going to make time/ money to do so.  I’m very very excited to see what godawful results I come up with.  It’s been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I set foot in a dark room so I’m quite nervous/ excited.  Our bathroom will never smell the same again!

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Kitting out the flat Second-Hand Life stylee

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to take any photos of our new Second-Hand Life but I will soon.  It’s wonderful however, to be living with someone who embraces the lifestyle wholeheartedly.  It’s so much fun looking round charity shops knowing that he’s going to be blown away by any little bargain I find for the flat.  A couple of weeks ago I found a fantastic 1970s PE bag, red and white, for £3.49.  He’s a big White Stripes fan so we’ve named it Jack White’s PE kit bag.  Unfortunately it fits my laptop PERFECTLY and I’m hankering after nicking it back! ha ha. (I will add photos later – I’m at work at the moment and don’t have the photos with me!).

Once we get paid again I think we’re going to go a bit crazy going around reclamation yards and junk shops looking for billy bargains.  It’s so much fun.  I used to have a habit of looking through the Ikea catalogue and the laminated book of dreams (see Bill Bailey if you don’t know what this is) in order to deck the house out in matching furniture – but now it seems so shallow.  Much more fun to find freaky wonderfullness hidden away in some corner of a junk shop 🙂

One thing I didn’t mention is the fact that down The Blue in Bermondsey (about 2 mins walk from where I’m working now) we have two pretty fantastic charity shops.  Mind is totally awesome – in the past month I’ve bought about 4 dresses from there – none of them coming to over £6.50 – as well as a coffee maker and some other bits and pieces.  When I finally have broadband at home I’ll definitely start to post pictures because I’m so proud of my bargains 🙂

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Well life takes twists and turns and winds up being better than when it started.

Despite his hatred of all things upcycled my husband and I managed 13 years together – unfortunately my marriage is now over.  It’s sad, obviously, however I am positive about the way my life is going.

It DOES mean however that I am having to be the thriftiest of the thrifties as I’m having to deck out a flat almost entirely from freebies, second hand goodies and upcycled loveliness.  It’s actually really exciting.  So hopefully this blog will be continued with the new and wonderful ways that the flat is being decorated.

So far I have managed to acquire, for free, a mattress, some crockery and a toaster.  Freecycle has become my best friend and people at work are offering me their cast offs.  Hopefully I can post some of the bargains/ freebies when I have proper access to the internet.

So sorry for the silence, I will be back at full throttle soon 🙂

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the squidgiest, the plushiest, the softest of recycled loveliness

I love soft things.  Toys.  Cuddlesomes.  Here is Blueue:

Oz and Blueue

Oz the cat and Blueue the teddy

with my cat.  I was 4 when Blueue came into my life, I found him at my school jumble sale and he’s been by my side ever since.  See – I was a second-hand shopper even then!  He’s had his foot eaten off by a hamster, been held over a candle by a very mental ex-boyfriend and accompanied me on many trips into hospital.  So as you can see, I’m a fan of the cuddly things.

So today I’m going to be blogging about plushes and softies made out of recycled materials – and believe me – there are a LOT out there.

Firstly the wonderful work of melbangel – the reason why I love her plushes is because they are so obviously made out of recycled materials.  The bold patterns and weird shapes make these creatures marvellous to behold – and I LOVE their names. Weirdoo Megan and Weirdoo Moochie are by far my faves – I LOVE Weirdoo Moochie so much!  SO CUTE!

Weirdoo Moochie

Weirdoo Megan

I really hope that melbangel makes some more of these as they really are so original and so adorable.

Leah Riley is a true inspiration – and is mostly the inspiration for this blog.  She’s apparently ’embarrassed’ by the amount of t-shirt material she has built up, so she’s been creating a plush-a-day.  They range from skeletons to birds and each one is highly original and a great use of leftover bits of material.

Abigail the goth bunny

I guess I love this one because of the hidden goth within me.  LOVE the stripes (I love nothing more than stripes and polka dots) and bunnies just do it for me (although Anya may disagree – I’m SUCH a Buffy geek!)

I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with in her desire to use up all that material.  Leah – you are truly an inspiration to this hoarder of material!

Lucy Kate Crafts creates beautifully crafted and unique pieces.  I’m in total awe of her photostream and virtually drool over the plushy wonderfulness that abounds.  This little fox is one of my favourites.

Fox Softie

It’s unusual to see a fox – and I think that’s why I love it so much.

However – there is one of her softies that I would LOVE to have on my shelf.  As some of you know I LOVE peacocks, in fact I have an art deco style one tattooed on my back.  She has created this beautiful upcycled softie:


How beautiful is this? I love it so much.   So gorgeous.

What I love about Loopy Dolls is that you know one of their pieces as soon as you see it.  I think that’s the strength of their design and imagination.  The faces are so cute – I could imagine a whole range of Loopy Dolls postcards, t-shirts etc.  They could take over the world!


So there you go – some truly inspiring plushes/ softies that will hopefully inspire us all to go out and use up those scraps of material and create cuteness.  You can see my gallery of other cuties here – and I promise – that I am going to try this right now.  I have these two books (one I was given by my old school library when they were chucking out a load of books and one I got from Deptford Market for 50p):

Toy making books

and they have some great patterns in them so I’m going to try now to create some wonderful plushness.  In the meantime I’ll leave you with a family of plushes I created a long time ago called OOOOkies:

La Famille OOOOkie

created using upcycled velvet, buttons and t-shirts – however the felt and hearts were bought 😦


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