Pre-loved Shopping

“That was it. Suddenly you hit puberty, and it’s like, you know, thrift stores! I just started deconstructing everything from thrift stores.” – Gwen Stefani

I really doubt that many of Ms Stefani’s clothes come from thrift stores – however – it’s comforting to know that SUCH a fashionista (oh how I love/hate that word) is a fan of the thrift.

Of course, in the UK, we don’t call them thrift stores. To my knowledge, thrift stores akin to those of our US cousins don’t even exist in the UK. If we want to buy second hand we have a choice of Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales and Markets. Online we also have ebay and Freecycle. I’m always hunting out other ways of shopping second-hand so if you have any recommendations please point me in their direction.


One response to “Pre-loved Shopping

  1. Dawanda, Etsy and other website selling hand made clothes have upcycled clothing.

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