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why is it that when I write a long entry and don’t save it as I go along that Firefox decides to collapse on me? Grrrr.

So short one now.

I have a cold.

I feel like poo.

I’ve been making bracelets.

I’ve been editing photos.

I’ve not made an outfit for tomorrow night (Artful: Photosession) where I’ll be photographing and exhibiting

I won something 🙂

I don’t often win things however I won a wonderful bag from the lovely Angela at Sew Glamorous.  I cannot wait to show off my More Cowbell bag around Sarf-East London 🙂

I’m now going to bed.

Night night.


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sustainable living with a snob!

It’s increasingly difficult sometimes to have this ‘sustainable’ life when your other half can be such a snob.  On Saturday he bought our sister-in-law’s birthday present – now – obviously buying a ‘new’ gift went against ‘my’ principles – however he refused to purchase something used or handmade – then when he went to look for wrapping paper I said ‘We have newspaper at home – use that’ – he refused.

Does anyone else come up against problems when trying to live ‘second-hand’ with their partners?

I’m not going to force him into my way of thinking – afterall he should want to come to that place in his own way.  I once picked him up a shirt at a jumble sale for 20p – he’s never worn it however much he said that he ‘did’ like it! ha ha.  He has nothing against reading second-hand books, or buying second-hand dvds and cds, however when it comes to textiles (ie: clothes) for some reason he is completely turned off.  I will do it slowly – picking up awesome pieces that he loves then hopefully he will come around!

Deptford Junk Market

Deptford Junk Market

Today I start my internship – can’t wait.  I’m full of cold but who cares?  I’m also obviously looking forward to trawling the bargain charity shops while I’m there – naughty naughty! hee hee.  It’s also right next to the famous Deptford Junk Market which again will be my downfall.  This is a flea market with a difference, you literally are buying fleas! ha ha … of course I’m joking, however it’s a naughty place with naughty things that I end up buying because I think I can turn them into something.  Generally I can’t however it’s a fantastic place to rummage. I’ll try to be good!


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A break from normal proceedings …

Yesterday was an entirely unsuccessful day – or successful when you think about the state of my wallet!  Didn’t find anything and realised why one of the shops was completely out of goodies – because they’d refitted it.  Cancer Research in Lewisham is now brimming with goodies – but nothing I fancied!

Anyhoo – as you all should know by now I am a thrifty girlie and I carry this into my entertainment! Ha ha – being a ‘rock’ photographer does help get me into gigs.  It also helps me secure performers for my exhibition in November – for free 🙂  I’m such a cheap skate.  Last night I went to the premier of Alexander Wolfe’s new video.  I’ve known Alex for a few years – he’s the brother of the lead singer of Officer Kicks – a band I’ve been photographing for at least 3 years.  I’d been meaning to see him perform for years – and for some reason never managed.  However, I did get to see his first solo show in a year a couple of months ago.  He mesmerised me.  He has such a beautiful voice and such poetic lyrics.

The screening of Stuck Under September was in the National Portrait Gallery – followed by a 40 minute set with a string quartet.  Most of the set I sat with my eyes closed – allowing the music to wash over me.  He truly is one talented lad and he’s such a lovely fellow too 🙂

See the video here: http://www.dailymotion.com/gb/featured/video/xako79_stuck-under-september_shortfilms

Check Alexander Wolfe out here: http://www.redemption-records.com/alexanderwolfe.htm

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